Andrew assisted me throughout the process of obtaining my new vehicle. Through no fault of his own, it was quite a lengthy wait for it to be delivered to me due to COVID-19. Andrew was extremely efficient in maintaining contact with me throughout and regularly assuring me our agreement was still in place. In the meantime, I was still using the courtesy car provided to me via Enterprise. However, because of the COVID-19 hold up, I was receiving numerous calls from Enterprise regarding the return of their vehicle, although I couldn't return it until I had received my own vehicle. They began to withdraw funds from my account and sometimes pressuring me into checking the status of my new vehicle delivery, even when I had already told them I had. I was becoming quite distressed by this and spoke with Andrew who recognized I was under some pressure. He was extremely helpful to me. Andrew took the time to hear me out, then clearly explained how he could help me and my situation and immediately provided me with the documents that he suggested I needed. Even offering speak to the company on my behalf. I believe Andrew Duddy is an extremely beneficial employee to yourselves/company.

Jennifer Chatanelle